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For lots of women (including me) shopping for swim wear is quite the daunting task. We all have physical imperfections we want to conceal, which is almost impossible in a bikini. Instead of speculating on how quickly Quick Trim trims, I have [proudly] abandoned the dreaded bikini and adopted the forgiving and flattering one piece.

Yes, I chose bread over bikinis.

I find that I am especially attracted to two trends in swimwear; the flirty 50’s style one pieces and come-hither cut out swimsuits.

1 pieces

Plein Sud one piece bikini
£269 –

Betsey Johnson 1 piece bathing suit
$178 –

Seafolly 1 piece bathing suit
$155 –

Seafolly 1 piece bathing suit
$155 –

6 SHORE ROAD 1 piece bathing suit
$138 –

Robin Piccone one piece swimwear
$130 –

La blanca
$129 –

Splendid one piece bikini
$97 –

Vintage swimwear
$86 –

Forever 21 halter bikini
$23 –

Seafolly bandeau bathing suit

50’s style suits are perfect for enhancing curvy, voluptuous shapes. With styles boasting strategic ruching and cinched waists, you can strut with pin-up poise! Halter varieties draw the eye away from tummy troubles. This same attribute also highlights the décolletage and provide increased support for the girls.  And for those who would rather die than show that thigh, those flirty retro swimskirts can hide a multitude of cellulite.


Cut outs can seem racy and revealing but can actually be very flattering depending on their placement. Case in point, my favorite swim suit purchased from H&M last summer! The contoured side cut outs create the illusion of a smaller waist. The slightly high cut creates a lengthier leg. And the flash of unexpected skin is tempered by the otherwise modest cut of the swimsuit.

My choosing bread over bikinis has not staggered my beach style.

I for one will not be omitting the bun from my grilled burger on Memorial Day.

 I assert that the one piece can be modern, attractive, and youthful without being childish. What’s your 411 on the one piece trends? Are they a life-saver or a ship-sinker?




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BREAD OVER BIKINIS! My Perfect One Piece

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trends that must go

Forever 21 zebra dress
$24 –

Forever 21 body con dress
$20 –

Elastic waist pants
$25 –

Men’S Baby Rib Long Underwear
$10 –

Old Brad Rhinestone Hat
$45 –

Men’S Baby Rib Long Underwear
$10 –

Love Is A Gamble Specialty Tee
$40 –

Individuality in dress dresss is a must! No one wants to be a cookie cutter image of the next few million consumers shopping out there. However, there have been many a fashion faux pas made in the name of individuality. A few style slip-ups stand out to me as they are painfully obvious in various settings. If you see elements of your own style consider this your wakeup call!

Body Con Dresses & Minis

Now, body con dresses and minis in themselves are really not the problem. They can be quite alluring. The problem is that they have the power to make an average sized wearer look like the Michelin Man. Ladies, tight is not always right, nor does it automatically read sexy and fashion forward. Ill-fitting clothing is never flattering don’t be afraid to go up a size. And do remember, spanx are accessible, affordable and your thighs best friend.

Leggings as Pants

Leggings are a lot of things. One thing they aren’t? PANTS! I repeat. Leggings are not pants. I believe for the sake and vitality of superior  styling they should all come with a warning label that reads; PROCEED WITH CAUTION, THIS PRODUCT MUST BE WORN WITH A TUNIC OR DRESS THAT COVERS YOUR LOVELY LADY LUMPS IN THEIR ENTIRETY.


Signature Looks

While a signature look often indicates you have found what best compliments your figure, it can also point to stunted style growth. It’s vital to the evolution and development of your personal style to experiment with classics and trends. Don’t go for broke snatching up every trend but keep an open mind. Your growing collection of boxy tops and skinnies is nothing less than amazing but be mindful, there is a whole wonderful world of fashion out there in which to indulge.

Men in [Sagging] Tights

Sagging is so 90s. And not in a, “The grunge look is coming back, hey I’ll give it a try.” kind of way. It’s outdated and sloppy. Sagging in itself is an atrocity and then to sagg skinny jeans?! Sirs, I kindly beseech you; forsake leggings, jeggings, tights and sagging! If you need a blast from the past watch re-runs of Martin.

Ed Hardy T-shirts

I have a burning question for all the folks wearing Ed Hardy shirts and shirts of similar styles. Where are you finding them? I thought they had been exiled to a land far, far away! Bedazzled shirts embellished with tattoo style art are best left to pop boy bands of the early 2000s. There are better ways to command attention than shimmering through the room like Edward from Twilight.

In the words of Oprah you know better now you must do better!

Ready, Set, Dresss!



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 Hello Ladies and Gents,

Allow me a moment to introduce my very first guest blogger! Please welcome Cristen to READY, SET DRESSS! Cristen is a dear friend who is also my cousin. She is an artist in the purest sense of the word. Her ability to work wonders in make-up, nail art and hair is an innate and remarkable gift. We’ll be seeing more of Cristen around READY, SET DRESSS! so welcome her with open arms!

– Ryan Kelley

Let the party begin right at the tips of your fingers.

•Keep it classic and professional with a sleek french mani.


•Step out of the box! Add just a little spice to your traditional mani.



•Achieve pretty picture perfect nails with nude colors and neutrals.


•Color your party spot to pop or sizzle! Vibrant spring colors make an awesome office friendly statement.

•Get wild! Animal prints are fun for nail art fanatics of any age and great for the weekend!

•You can also add a touch of flair with modest designs.

•Or simple switching just one nail color.

•May your nail party be endless and know that your options are unlimited. Nail polish and nail art don’t have the reputation they used to (i.e. when black was strictly goth, now it’s red carpet chic.) Be chic & sleek, pop or sizzle, get wild or keep it simple. Just don’t be a chip off the old block a chipped nail can sabotage an entire look.

With Love,

Cristen Sudberry

(@crrristen on pinterest & instagram)



Edited by Cheryl Y. Hunt


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