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On the cusp of so many religious holidays you must carefully consider what you should wear to your house of worship. It’s a safe bet to leave your form-fitting pencil skirt and six inch stilettos in your closet. But don’t shy away from your personal style. Be true to your style sensibilities and tap into the modest maven inside you!



You look Heavenly

The calf grazing midi length is very appropriate and fashion forward as well as the floor sweeping maxi. Skirts in these lengths look great with a well-tailored oxford shirt or a luxe t-shirt. Tuck the shirt into your skirt and add a wide or medium width belt. For more personalization try mixing prints. (Tip: Keep both the print of your skirt and shirt in the same color family and about the same size.) Take a page from the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States, come on, keep up!) and try a cap sleeve sheath dress or a classic shirt dress. Color choice is paramount on dresses of these shapes; opt for a hue that best complements the beautiful skin tone God gave you.





Be pleasing in God’s eyes

Employ your accessories to further personalize your look. A striking hat is perfect with a simple chic dress (think Kate Middleton). I beg you, puh-leeze keep your look modern! Do not match your hat, shoes and/or belt; let them complement one another in shade and texture!  If hats don’t tickle your fancy try a pair of statement earrings or necklace. Keep your piercings down to one understated pair of earrings, and pick a great watch or a few bracelets.  And how about we cover that dragon tattooed shoulder and save it for the beach. If the locale calls for covered arms go for a ¾ length sleeve on your shirt or dress, drape a printed pashmina over your shoulder or sport a Chanel inspired jacket.


Cleavage Control

The main focus for worship service should not be your plunging neckline or your fishnet hose. If a certain piece gives your doubt, or stands too far out, you probably shouldn’t wear it. They have their place, and that place is Friday night. However for worship services, you want your look to whisper polished and refined while it still signs your signature.

You see, worship wear can be respectful, colorful and fun.

Praise the Lord!!!

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Edited by Cheryl Y. Hunt

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By now, I’m sure you have seen this month’s Vouge magazine. They chose the lovely J-Lo to cover this month’s issue. I love Jennifer Lopez’s style for it’s urban oppulance. Her style is constantly evolving and in that she reminds all of us not to get stuck in a style rut. She is a trendsetter in every sesnse of the word! (You know you had velour jogging suits in at least three different colors ten years ago.) Take a peek at her Vouge shots.



Don’t you just love JLo?

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Q:Should I purchase these suede pumps now that it’s spring?


Cincinnati, Ohio


A: Purchase? Yes. Wear? Wait.

Don’t hesitate to buy the suede pumps! I’m sure they are on sale at this point so snatch them up and store them until fall. I would not suggest banishing suede from you spring wardrobe! Your looks can still benefit from the rich texture of suede through spring.  Consider purchasing suede sandals in pops of brilliant color or neutrals like tan, ivory or navy.

Here are some great shoes in suede that you can wear right now!

Target’s Mossimo Petene Heeled Sandal $29.99


Steve Madden Warden $99.95


Ash Colorblock Cork Wedge $235


Giuseppe Zanotti Two Tone Color Block Swirl Sandal $1150


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All women want to stand out and look their most alluring when they head out for a night on the town. No matter if it’s girls night out or an evening of dancing with the beau you want to allow your femme fatale alter ego to strut her stuff, if only for one night. All of that is fine, good and appropriate but is it really worth it if it comes at this cost!? This is what you should not do!

Negril, Hanover, Jamaica , W.I.

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You can create a luxurious look without cashing in your 401K! Making a strong style statement has less to do with price tags and more to do with creativity and taste. That said one of the best places to find unique clothing can be your local thrift store. So before you head out to scour for your prize winning find, note these seven tips to successful vintage shopping.


I find it best to go to the thrift store looking for a general article of clothing as opposed to a specific item. Your heart will be broken and your temper boiling if you go in looking for an orange sheer button down top with cream polka dots and one breast pocket.


You should arrive just before the doors open. Think Black Friday! The longer you wait to arrive the more opportunities you give other savvy shoppers to snatch your trophy piece. Additionally, the clothing is freshly organized and the store is in its best shape which can be a time saver.


No, seriously. I say this enough to make it my personal style mantra. If you don’t love an item, don’t buy it. There is a strong possibility you will be distracted by the insanely low prices but stick to your guns! You don’t need anything less than show stopping in your closet.


Athletic wear is en vogue so step into your kicks and shop in comfort. You need to be in the proper attire to stand, walk and bend without restraint. Make sure you eat your Wheaties; it is after all the breakfast of champions.


Some thrift stores offer even more discounts on their merchandise certain days of the week. Don’t be shy, call ahead and inquire about special discount days! Get more bang for the buck.


A lot of times shoes hide atop racks and purses are tucked away in alcoves. All it might require to score a new broach is a bit of elbow grease. Call it your barre class for the day, plié for those purses!


Take a few extra minutes to find the fitting room and make sure your finds have fantastic fit. If the piece is not perfect but can be made right with a bit of tailoring then go for it! If you are one of those people who swears to have items altered just to have it end up as closet décor, see #3!

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Rouge Lips


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Finding the best shade of red for your skin tone may take some trial and error but it is oh so worth it. Experiment with intensity and texture; try matte, gloss or even a subtle tinted balm until you find the rouge for you.

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A fashion faux pas! A style slip up! Leggings to match your hair!? This is what you should not do!!



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High heeled shoes are an attitude, a state of mind, a physical manifestation of all things womanly. Every time a lady puts on her heels she is asserting her femininity, proclaiming her womanhood and exhibiting the glory of her form. Heels are a girl’s best friend! Ok maybe she has two bffs, diamonds and heels but heels have been there with her from the dawn of her womanhood, walking the path of maturation with her.

All things considered, thou shall not half step when pursuing the shoe! Three fashionistas show us their shoe game! READY? SET! DRESSS!


Pam’s top priorities in her personal aesthetic are comfort and style. This makes these two pairs of heels her  favorites choices for casual Saturdays and dancing the night away.

Gray Booties- Target $40

Black Leather Sandals  by Nine West- DSW $50

Pamela , 23 years old

Cincinnati, Ohio


LaShaunda’s style is sultry with an edge. Her tan thigh high boots put a little extra pop star oomph in her strut. While her shimmering four inch pumps accentuate her height taking her to nearly six feet (which she adds, the men love).

Tan boots –Charlotte Russe $45.50

Navy Glitter Pumps- Bakers $90

LaShaunda, 29 years old

Atlanta, Georgia


Kerrie exudes chic sophistication in everything she wears. In her shoe closet each pair goes by name. The ladylike leopard pumps, nicknamed “the Eartha Kitts”, are a neo-classic and a must for every woman.  The black leather cuff and pointed heel boast both sexy and sassy on the sandals also known as the Matrix.

Leopard Pumps – Mossimo $29.99

Black Leather Sandals  – Gianni Bini  $89.00

Kerrie 37 years old

Cincinnati, Ohio


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Street Chic: JULIA

ImageJulia is a high school senior and a young fashion stunner! Julia’s top is on trend as sheer is the “it” fabric for spring. She keeps it mom approved by layering a dark cami underneath.  The girly sweetness of the top is off set with straight leg jeans and chocolate suede boots for a great Sunday afternoon casual look. My favorite of her accessories are her oversized tortoise shell glasses, they are a part of her every day chic.

Keep up the good werk Julia!

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