On the cusp of so many religious holidays you must carefully consider what you should wear to your house of worship. It’s a safe bet to leave your form-fitting pencil skirt and six inch stilettos in your closet. But don’t shy away from your personal style. Be true to your style sensibilities and tap into the modest maven inside you!



You look Heavenly

The calf grazing midi length is very appropriate and fashion forward as well as the floor sweeping maxi. Skirts in these lengths look great with a well-tailored oxford shirt or a luxe t-shirt. Tuck the shirt into your skirt and add a wide or medium width belt. For more personalization try mixing prints. (Tip: Keep both the print of your skirt and shirt in the same color family and about the same size.) Take a page from the FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States, come on, keep up!) and try a cap sleeve sheath dress or a classic shirt dress. Color choice is paramount on dresses of these shapes; opt for a hue that best complements the beautiful skin tone God gave you.





Be pleasing in God’s eyes

Employ your accessories to further personalize your look. A striking hat is perfect with a simple chic dress (think Kate Middleton). I beg you, puh-leeze keep your look modern! Do not match your hat, shoes and/or belt; let them complement one another in shade and texture!  If hats don’t tickle your fancy try a pair of statement earrings or necklace. Keep your piercings down to one understated pair of earrings, and pick a great watch or a few bracelets.  And how about we cover that dragon tattooed shoulder and save it for the beach. If the locale calls for covered arms go for a ¾ length sleeve on your shirt or dress, drape a printed pashmina over your shoulder or sport a Chanel inspired jacket.


Cleavage Control

The main focus for worship service should not be your plunging neckline or your fishnet hose. If a certain piece gives your doubt, or stands too far out, you probably shouldn’t wear it. They have their place, and that place is Friday night. However for worship services, you want your look to whisper polished and refined while it still signs your signature.

You see, worship wear can be respectful, colorful and fun.

Praise the Lord!!!

Photo Credits: banjoandmatilda.com, glitterdollz7.co.uk, newsfashiontrend.com, 1001churchhats.com and vougevibes.com

Edited by Cheryl Y. Hunt

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  1. divacreole says:

    This is a very good blog . I go to church, and I like to follow Kate middleton style. I have a blog on how we can follow Kate’s style please check it out…
    God Bless

  2. Elle Ro says:

    ok I’m a lil ‘shame to admit but I don’t know all the fashion jargon, what makes a tshirt “luxe”?

    • No need to be ashamed Elle! Luxe refers to something being luxurious, refined and high quality. In the case of a luxe t shirt think of one constructed in a special fabric like silk.

  3. I had to buy an “Easter” dress this past week and give these pencil skirts a rest! Great post!


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